Narrowing it down...

When it comes to ordering custom apparel, there are hundreds of options from all corners of the internet – all offering virtually the same service.  One common misconception we hear from our new customers goes something like “I was going to order shirts online so they would be cheaper but I like to buy local so I thought I’d reach out to you”.  It is then our great pleasure to communicate to them that in fact they can receive all of the benefits and joys of printing local as well as find themselves, in nearly every case, paying less overall than they would with custom ink or another large custom screen printing site.  We may be biased, but here's why printing local (and especially with Lab Seven) makes choosing the right printer as easy as 1, 2, 3...


1. we actually print shirts


Many of the large custom print sites don’t actually do any printing. They collect your order through their automated website, and relay it to a regional screen printing company to fulfill hundreds of orders in bulk. This 'middle man' philosophy brings print costs up, and also puts your project in the hands of printers who know nothing about your unique project needs.

At Lab Seven we’re excited to be able to offer all of the benefits of an online design tool and online ordering system, but we're also able to design, proof, and print everything right here in our production facility by our dedicated team.


2. we are real people

Your order is overseen with care by our team of artists and project managers throughout the entire production process.  Our small, tight-knit crew of project managers are available at any point in the process to provide guidance and assistance, address concerns, and make changes.  Please feel free to come down and meet with us in person, call in, or send an email and rest assured that you are corresponding with the actual person who will watch your order being screen printed.  


3. pricing

Because we do all of our own design, digitizing, vectorizing, and printing in-house (sans 'middle-man'),  we are able to keep costs considerably lower than these large online companies.  Check out some of the screen shot pricing comparisons below:


As always, feel feel to use our quote tool any time for instant quotes on your current project.  If you find our prices aren’t matching up, or have any questions about pricing out your order, just give us a call! (303) 814-3389

Keep in mind that order pick up is always free, and also a great chance to meet our team, browse our showroom, and check out our production facilities!  If you're unable to come in person to grab your order,  we can overnight any shipment in-state for $15 per box - or ship anywhere in the US via UPS or FedEx. (you can also send Uber, Lyft, or any other courier to get your shirts for you)

Thank you for considering Lab Seven Screen Printing for your project – we appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and encourage you to get your custom tees printed locally!


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