As 2017 rolled around, we started brainstorming about what changes and improvements we could make this year to better serve our valued customers.  We wanted to find a way to eliminate some of the most common problems when it comes to bulk ordering t-shirts for schools, companies, or oganizations:

  • Sizing uncertainty:  How do you know what shirt sizes are best for your project? (without emailing everybody involved for their shirt sizes and building confusing spreadsheets)
  • Collecting orders:  Managing orders from many people at once can be confusing and stressful.  What if there was a way to put order responsibilities directly in the hands of your consumer?
  • Product demand:  With high volume print discounts, you want the best bang for your buck. But making the leap for a large order without sure demand can be risky!
  • Startup capital:  You know your vision will take off once you get it off the ground, but as the old adage goes "it takes money to make money".

Introducing Custom Web Stores:


You can now host your own online web store!  We create digital mockups of the apparel products that you want to offer for sale and host them in our clean, fully e-commerce, secure website fully branded with your logo and imagery.  We give you pricing for the production, and let you set your own retail prices accordingly. (set your own profit margins)  We'll send you a live link to your online storefront to distribute through email and across social media, and you're open for business!


Lab Seven Originals


  • As mentioned, no more spreadsheets or hassling with collecting money.  Your customers will pick their own sizes and quantities, and your store will accept credit card payments online. (we process all online payments, and cut you a check for your profits when you pick up the order!)
  • Use as a fundraiser! Many of our schools, sports programs, crossfits, and churches use these stores as an opportunity to raise funds for their organizations.  We can even set a fundraising goal on the site that will update with every order.  You can leave the store up until the goal is met, or for any set period of time.
  • Lower initial investment costs. Many of you have had design ideas you’ve always wanted to market and sell but don’t have the capital to begin production.  Now, you can gauge interest by offering your products before they're produced, and let customers fund the project themselves.
  • Hosting is cheaper than developing and managing your own e-commerce web site.  Other than a $75 build fee to set up your store, there is no monthly cost for us to host it for you and we don’t charge processing fees for each sale. 


  • Because of our pricing structure, and with consideration to setup and labor times, all orders for each store are produced at one time.  Stores cannot be open indefinitely.  Most stores will be open for a pre-determined period of time. The most effective time frame that we’ve found is 2 weeks.  Alternatively, we can keep the store open until specific sales goals are met,  but keep in mind how long your customers have to wait for their merchandise. Production for the garments takes approximately 10 business days once the store is closed.
  • You must meet the production minimums initially quoted. For example, if you anticipate selling at least 24 pieces of each style, you must sell at least that many pieces in order to keep production costs accurate.  If the sales just aren't happening as expected, we can still fulfill the order, however - the production cost may increase depending on the final size of the order. 
  • The store manager (you) agrees to promote the store via e-mail and social media.  We recommend that you send out at least three store promotional notices throughout the sale.  The first notice when the store launches, a second mid way through, and a third notice (reminding customers that the store is closing soon) 48 hours before store closing.


Once the store is closed we begin production!  Your items are printed/sewn within 10 business days of store closing.  We will let you know when the product is available for pickup, or we can ship the entire order directly to you.  We will provide order receipts for your customers, and a detailed packing slip so that you can accurately distribute the merchandise.


We charge a one time $75.00 build fee to set up your store for you. This includes up to 4 different apparel items in your store.  Additional designs are $15 each.


Can you do individual fulfillment/distribution?  At this time, we only fulfill the entire order at once (to you or the store manager.) We do not distribute or ship individual orders.

Can I monitor the store?  Yes! We can provide automatic daily sales updates, or send you an email for every individual order as it comes through!

How many products can I offer?  As many as you'd like, but keep in mind our production minimums per design (we need at least 12 orders per setup in order to take it to production), and the law of diminishing returns – too many options can actually limit your sales.  There are also additional fees for creating more than 4 products for each store.

How often can I open the store?  As often as economically practical!  If you want to open the same store again, we won't charge you to set it up.  Just let us know when to open, and for how long, and your store will be live again! 

What if I want to order extras?  Use your profit margins to add more items to your order! Just let us know what sizes / styles you want to add to your inventory, and we'll add them to the order when we print, and subtract the cost from your account balance.


Ready to go?
If you're interested in creating a custom web store, please give us a call or send us a note!

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